1. POINTS ACCRUALS: 1 CZK of spending = 1 loyalty point.

2. Points are earned for purchases in all KOUTNÝ company stores and on the Koutný e-shop.

3. In order to load points for in-store purchases, you must present your Koutný club card at checkout or, for purchases without a card, ask the sales staff to locate your membership at the checkout (by first name and surname or email). You will need to enter your card number when making a purchase in the e-shop. Points are only added to the e-shop after purchase. In case you reach the next level when making a purchase on the e-shop, you can redeem the higher % discount only on your next purchase.

4. Points can be additionally loaded based on the receipt.

5. VOUCHERS FOR ACCUMULATED POINTS: You will be eligible for a voucher as soon as you reach a higher level of membership (after collecting the minimum value of points for that level of membership). Vouchers are sent by email.

6. REDEMPTION OPTIONS at the store upon presentation of the club card - in the e-shop upon entering the club card number.

7. The current list of vouchers can be found at each of the Koutný stores upon presentation of the club card.

8. Vouchers have a limited validity and are not redeemable for cash.

9. Vouchers can only be redeemed for merchandise.

10. The voucher will be sent to you by email within 30 days of the voucher entitlement.

11. OTHER BENEFITS: Permanent discount on all purchases - 5%, 10%, 15%, or 20% depending on membership level. The discount applies immediately upon reaching the membership level to all subsequent purchases until the end of the following season.

12. SEASON: Accumulated points cannot be carried over to the next season; the points will be removed at the end of the season.

13. The membership level attained at the time of the season closure will be carried over to the next season (valid for the entire next season).

14. For example, members at the PLATINUM level are entitled to a 20% discount not only until the end of the season when they reached this level, but also for the whole next season. The same principle applies to the benefits at other membership levels.

15. At the start of the new season, each member starts with zero points and has an opportunity to earn vouchers worth up to CZK 3,600 again during the season.

16. The new season always starts on 1 April.

17. COMBINING CLUB BENEFITS: Value vouchers (100 CZK, 500 CZK, etc.) can be added up or combined with other types of combinable discounts (combinability is specified in the terms and conditions of each promotion/discount).

18. The value voucher discount will be deducted first.

19. The reduced price will then be deducted (5%, 10%, 15%, or 20% discount) depending on the level achieved in the Club.



The Koutný Club (hereinafter referred to as the "Club") is a loyalty programme for the customers of KOUTNÝ spol. s r.o. with its registered office at Prostějov, Okružní 4200/4a, Postal Code 796 01, Comp. Reg. No: 60750197 (hereinafter referred to as "KOUTNÝ"). The programme is intended to provide benefits to KOUTNÝ’s customers. The customers become members of the Club based on their free will expressed by registering for the KOUTNÝ Club.


Any natural person over 18 years of age with a permanent residence in the Czech Republic, who further meets the set conditions for membership in the KOUTNÝ Club and has duly registered for membership (see below "Registration for the KOUTNÝ Club"), may become a member of the KOUTNÝ Club. A legal entity cannot become a member of the Club. Membership in the Club is FREE. By registering for the KOUTNÝ Club, each person agrees to the rules of the KOUTNÝ Club.

Registration for the KOUTNÝ Club can be done in all KOUTNÝ brick stores or through the Koutný e-shop.

It is the obligation of a member of the KOUTNÝ Club to provide only true information when registering for the Club and whenever updating their details. Membership in the KOUTNÝ Club cannot be transferred.


Members of the KOUTNÝ Club are rewarded according to the amount of points earned at KOUTNÝ for purchases made at the company stores or e-shop. These rewards are granted in the form of discount vouchers for purchases at KOUTNÝ, according to the amount of points earned. Up-to-date information regarding the earning of points and vouchers, types of membership in the KOUTNÝ Club, and other conditions regarding the provision of benefits to the Club members are always up-to-date at These conditions are a part of the KOUTNÝ Club rules. KOUTNÝ reserves the right to update or otherwise change these terms and conditions.

All discount vouchers for purchases at KOUTNÝ can only be used at KOUTNÝ company stores or the KOUTNÝ e-shop. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash. In the event of any discrepancies, the discount voucher may not be accepted.

The validity of the discount voucher cannot be extended.

The reasons for not recognizing (not accepting) a discount voucher are mainly as follows:

- the voucher or card has expired
- the authenticity of the voucher or card is in doubt
- the voucher or the benefits of the club membership have been misused
- the club membership has lapsed


Membership in the Club shall terminate for the following reasons:

- the Club member knowingly provided incorrect information when registering or changing information
- the Club member has abused the benefits provided by the Club or has committed any other act contrary to the rules of the KOUTNÝ Club
- at the request of the club member
- when withdrawing consent to the processing of the member’s personal data
- for other reasons arising from generally binding regulations (in particular, the death of a Club member)

Together with the termination of membership, the right to receive any benefits or rewards not yet provided in connection with membership in the KOUTNÝ Club shall also expire.


By signing the application form or otherwise registering for membership in the KOUTNÝ Club, each person interested in membership in the KOUTNÝ Club consents to the inclusion of all personal data provided in the application form or as a part of the registration process (in particular, name and surname, postal address, e-mail address, date of birth), as well as other personal data possibly obtained in connection with membership in the KOUTNÝ Club (hereinafter referred to as "personal data") in the database of the controller (hereinafter also referred to as the "controller"), i.e., KOUTNÝ, spol. s r.o, with its registered office in Prostějov, Okružní 4200/4a, Postal Code 796 01, Comp. Reg. No.: 607 50 197, also through the processors authorised by the controller, whose current list is provided in the “Personal Data Protection” document that is available at

Personal data will be processed for the purpose of participation in the KOUTNÝ Club, with the provision that benefits are provided and commercial communications are sent within the KOUTNÝ Club.

Consent is granted for the duration of membership in the KOUTNÝ Club. Consent may be withdrawn at any time - since membership in the KOUTNÝ Club cannot be realised without processing personal data, the withdrawal of consent will terminate one’s membership in the KOUTNÝ Club.

Further conditions for the processing of personal data, including the rights and obligations of the data subject, are set out in the "Data Protection" document, and the data subject declares that he or she has been informed of this document.

The data subject further declares that the above personal data is accurate and true and is provided to the controller voluntarily.

By signing this application form, the applicant for membership in the KOUTNÝ Club expresses his/her consent to the rules of the KOUTNÝ Club and confirms that he/she has read and fully understood them.


Koutný spol. s r.o. is entitled to take, publish or otherwise dispose of the image and sound recordings of the winners of the competitions organised by the KOUTNÝ Club, as well as their name, surname, and municipality, for advertising and marketing purposes, without any financial compensation. The consent to the above procedure is granted by the member by registering for the KOUTNÝ Club.

The rewards provided within the KOUTNÝ Club are not legally enforceable. KOUTNÝ reserves the right to change or modify the KOUTNÝ Club. Club members will be notified of such changes at the stores and at or by other appropriate means. KOUTNÝ reserves the right to terminate the KOUTNÝ Club if justified.

The rules of the KOUTNÝ Club of KOUTNÝ spol. s r.o. are binding regulations for the operation of the KOUTNÝ Club in the Czech Republic.

These rules come into force on 1.10.2018.